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Hooray that you are here! Welcome to my home on the web. In this fun phase of life, I’m enjoying a few things and it seems they all start with the letter “p” as I live life with purpose and passion: prayer, people, podcasting, painting, pet therapy, “penning” (writing) and, hopefully soon, publishing.


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Welcome to your encore years! Join me as we listen and learn from inspiring guests who are helping others navigate the empty nest phase of life.


My Creator, My Friend, My King
Our Maker and Metaphors

July 11 – 14

Ages 7-12 will enjoy art projects and learn how Jesus is our Creator, our Friend & our King.
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Comfort Canines of Tulsa is a great group of people and dog teams affiliated with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). We serve in schools, hospitals, our Tulsa airport, in assisted-living facilities and with other area organizations. To find out how to get your own dog certified as a therapy dog, or to request a visit from one or some of our teams, click here.

My husband, Gordy, and I have been married for over 30 years. We have three adult children and a bonus son-in-law living in three different states. Our own marriage has benefited from mentors and counselors who helped us.

We love time with engaged couples and we’re free! If you or an engaged couple you know are interested in marriage mentorship, please click here to learn more.