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Episode #22

“Help…I need my husband to lead us.”

With George Stahnke from Focus on the Family.

George Stahnke

If you find yourself saying or even thinking this,this podcast is for you.

Empty nesting can be hard on both women and men.

As some men question their purpose at this stage in life,they often turn inward and shut down emotionally. Others dive into work or a hobby instead of putting energy into leading a much smaller nest and loving others well.

Join Charlotte and George Stahnke from Focus on the Family as they have an authentic conversation about this common occurrence in these encore years.

George offers an insightful male perspective and some meaningful tips about how to encourage your husband to love and lead you well.

It’s also equally important for us to love well.

You are not alone and help is here. Tune in and be blessed.

To reach George at Focus on the Family: kaylee.heck@fotf.org

For countless resources from Focus on the Family: www.focusonthefamily.com/


Episode #21

Mothers-in-Law vs Daughters-in-Law – Let There Be Peace
with Janice Mathers

Janice Mathers

The conflict between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has existed throughout all of history.

Now, thousands of years later, after Rebekah’s story from the Bible, many continue to complain about in-laws, often even hoping they won’t ever come visit.

Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law examines this in-law conflict and aims to draw readers into a different perspective: that women will learn to recognize their in-laws as a beneficial relationship—a gift—to and for the entire family.

Join Charlotte and author Janice Mathers as they discuss how to have peace with in-laws.

A mother-in-law can have a special and close bond with her daughter-in-law.

This podcast offers sound biblical wisdom, clever insights and shares how to do just that. ‘

To reach Janice, click here

To buy Janice’s book on Amazon, click here


Episode #20

A 9/11 Widow’s Journey – With Jennifer Sands

Jennifer Sands
Jennifer’s nest become tragically empty on 9/11 when she lost her husband, best friend, scuba diving partner and love of her life. Jim died as the World Trade Center Towers fell. For a long time after 9/11, Jennifer looked at God through the eyes of anger and contempt. Through a series of events, her anger was downgraded to disappointment, then it changed to curiosity. Eventually Jennifer looked at God thru the eyes of acceptance and trust.

Now, she shares of her love and trust in Him.

She gazes at Him through the eyes of reverence, love, adoration and gratitude. Today, Jennifer encourages widows and others. She is thankful for God, who brought her blessings from brokenness.

When she made a commemorative scuba dive in Jim’s honor, and underwater memorial dive, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and she gave her life to Christ.

Jennifer often shares Gen. 50:20. What Joseph said to his Israelite brothers, she now says to the 9/11 terrorists: “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, in order to bring about His present result, the saving of many lives.”

Tune in and be encouraged!

To reach Jennifer: click here.


Episode #19

Doing Life With Your Adult Children

With Best-selling Author Jim Burns

Tune in and hear best-selling author Jim Burns and Charlotte talk about practical advice and hopeful encouragement for the tough, yet rewarding transition of parenting grown kids.
Jim is President of HomeWord. He speaks to thousands of people around the world each year.
He has close to 2 million resources in print in 20 languages.
If you have an adult child, you know that parenting doesn’t stop when your child turns 18.
In many ways, it gets more complicated, involving your head…and your heart.
Whether your child lives under your roof, or rarely stays in contact, this podcast is for you.

Jim offers insight to help you navigate this season of parenting. Speaking from his own personal
and professional experience, Jim answers several questions on this podcast including:

How can offering unsolicited advice to my adult child backfire?
What does the term “emerging adult” mean? How is this different from other generations?
What do I do when my child is violating my values? What about cohabitation?
We have differing political views. What do I do?
My child has strayed from faith. How can I help them come back to God?
How can grandparents influence grandchildren? How can we leave the best legacy?

Charlotte and Jim look forward to sharing this time with you.

Reach Jim here.


Episode #18

Empty Nesting In Adversity

When trials come, they often drive us to our knees in search of answers and comfort.

Join Charlotte and Shannon Wilburn as they talk about empty nesting in adversity.

Shannon is the co-founder of the global franchise Just Between Friends. She’s also a wife to Mitch Wilburn, a pastor in Tulsa, OK who miraculously survived 45 days in the hospital, near death with Covid.

When Shannon’s father went from oil company CFO to being disabled, wheel-chair bound and unemployed, 12-year-old Shannon began to learn how to relay on faith and fortitude. That same faith and reliance on God has helped Shannon through many adversities including Mitch’s health trials, her own season of temporary hair loss and more. Listen in to hear more.

As we empty nest, we must fight to keep not just a positive attitude but also a Christ-centered one. Often we must step out in faith and cling to God for help.

Can we have joy and hope in trials? Shannon and Charlotte both say “Yes!” and share how.

God promises in 2 Corinthians 1: 3-5 that not only does He comfort us during difficulties…He equips us through our own suffering to be able to minister to others.

Tune in and be inspired as we talk about empty nesting in adversity.

To reach Shannon: mwilburna@aol.com


Episode #17

Is it Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Memory Loss?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most well-known and common form of dementia but not everyone with dementia has Alzheimer’s disease.

And, just because you are forgetful, during these empty nesting years, doesn’t mean the worst.

Charlotte and Erin Powell, from the Alzheimer’s Association, discuss this topic on today’s podcast.

Learn the top warning signs, how these conditions and diagnoses affect empty nesters and elders.

Learn about valuable resources to help you care for a loved one and more! Caring for loved ones with any form of dementia requires a team effort. You are not alone.

To reach Erin Powell, email epowell@alz.org

Virtual Alzheimer’s and dementia education events are available – check www.alz.org/crf for details on meetings and events.

The Alzheimer’s Association is available 24/7 for around-the-clock care and support at 800.272.3900 and alz.org


Episode #16

Sleep, Wellness and Balanced Empty Nesting Health

Are you sleeping well? How is your energy level each day? Do you experience brain fog?

You are NOT alone.

Join Charlotte and Jane Wenning, a Certified Medical Technologist, Certified Athletic Trainer and Health Coach who has been helping women improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years.

During high school and college, Jane was overweight, struggled with eating disorders, had low self-esteem and experienced brain fog. After having two unhealthy but successful pregnancies, she struggled with postpartum depression and knew she had to make health changes…and she did!

Jane researched and studied nutrition, brain health, longevity, sleep, emotional intelligence, interval training, fasting and epigenetics and estrogenics. Now, she equips business professionals and people with the tools to become leaner, stronger, healthier and creates changes that last beyond retirement.

Charlotte and Jane talk about sleep and how Jane learned to adjust her lifestyle and schedule to allow for proper restorative sleep.

They also discuss Jane’s favorite “four pillars” of wellness:

· Recovery
· Emotional Energy
· Nutrition
· Movement

Tune in and take charge of your health today!

Learn more about Jane Wenning on Instagram and at: 4-pillars-health.mykajabi.com/


Episode #15

Empty Nesting and Friendship.

Friendships are such a gift. They also are important to well-being. Listen and learn the value of making and nurturing friendships with the best friend – God, yourself and others. Learn the difference between loneliness and solitude. Charlotte and Michelle Van Loon author of Becoming Sage, Cultivating Maturity, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife, published by Moody Publishers, discuss the many facets of friendship in the encore years. Then, Charlotte talks with the founders of Balcony Women, – a company formed to lift up, support and love the precious women in our communities. Learn from them how to be friends with others as God desires. To reach Michelle: https://michellevanloon.com/ To reach Charlotte: https://charlotteguest.com Melissa Phenice & Shae Hedrick) To reach Balcony Women: https://balconywomen.com


Blessed empty nest reading plan

Episode #14

Parenting A Prodigal & Hope For The Journey With Joannie DeBrito – Director of Parenting at Focus on the Family Loving a prodigal can be a long, lonely, misunderstood, and often desperate road. Will a phone call come from jail or the hospital? Living with fear, worry, anger, and self-recrimination wears you down. Words of love and words of threats can co-exist. You search for help yet feel shame. “How long, Lord?” is your heart’s cry. Joannie DeBrito, from Focus on the Family, and Charlotte talk about the hardship of parenting prodigals. They offer helpful words of wisdom and reminders that, with God, all things are possible. May this podcast help sustain you, offer grace, hope, and strength, and a reminder that God will get you through this valley. Joannie DeBrito PH.D., LCSW, LMFT is the current Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family. DeBrito draws from over 30 years of diverse experience as a parent educator, family life educator, school social worker, administrator, and licensed mental health professional.

To reach Joannie, email: Savannah.Light@fotf.org

For helpful articles by Joannie: click here.


Episode #13

The Empty Nest Guest Podcast With Michelle Van Loon author of Becoming Sage, Cultivating Maturity, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife, published by Moody Publishers. On this episode, Charlotte talks with Michelle Van Loon, author of Becoming Sage, Cultivating Maturity, Purpose, and Spirituality in Midlife, published by Moody Publishers. In Chapter 8 of her book, Michelle shares her own journey through the valley of depression. (Charlotte’s been there too as she experienced post-partum depression years ago.) Most empty-nesters experience bouts of the blues. How do you know where mid-life malaise ends and depression begins? Michelle also shares about spiritual apathy, also known as acedia. Sometimes our soul is weary as we empty nest. Thankfully, God is at work through our emotions. In Him and with Him, There is hope! Listen in and learn more. You’ll be glad you did. For an emergency, dial 911 The National Suicide Prevention Line – 1-800-273-8255 Focus on the Family’s helpline: tel://1-855-771-4357/ The Hope Line – www.thehopeline.com (Recommended by Focus on the Family) National Alliance for Mental Illness (nami.org)

To reach Michelle: michellevanloon.com


Episode #12

Welcome Empty Nesters! We are glad you are tuning in. Charlotte and Joannie DeBrito, Director of Parenting and Youth at Focus on the Family, discuss Parenting Emerging Adults: Boundaries and Limits & Parenting and Prodigals. We are seeing a cultural shift, partly due to Covid and as a sign of the times, in how parents relate with their older children. What kind of boundaries and limits do we need to offer grace and space? Joannie also shares advice and encouragement for parents of prodigals. Listen and learn wonderful tips from Joannie and valuable resources from Focus on the Family. To reach Joannie at Focus on the Family: Joannie.DeBrito@fotf.org


Episode #11

Welcome back, Empty Nesters! Today we begin Season 2 and you are in for a treat! Best-selling author of Empty Nest, Full Life – Jill Savage – and Charlotte talk about the balance of letting go & holding on. Are you caught between grief and delight? Empty nesting can be disorienting. The good news is that your encore years can be FULL of purpose and passion. Jill shares wisdom, encouragement & ideas from her own life experiences. Tune in and be inspired. To reach Jill, go to www.jillsavage.org
To reach Blake go to www.legacyletterchallenge.com/emptynesters


Episode #10

Go to https://charlotteguest.com/about/ more about Charlotte and to reach her regarding this podcast.What legacy would you like to leave your children? If you died today, would your voice still be guiding your children? Have you said everything that needs to be said to your children? Is it written down? This podcast will help you learn more about writing a Legacy Letter. You can leave a written, treasured legacy that will last forever. Join me, Stephen, producer of Empty Nest Guests, Charlotte and Blake Brewer, Founder of The Legacy Letter Challenge as we talk about leaving your children a written, cherished legacy letter.

To reach Blake go to www.legacyletterchallenge.com/emptynesters


Episode #9

Join best-selling author, Stasi Eldredge and Charlotte as they discuss Spiritual Warfare. Rejection, addiction, fear and tiny voices that condemn…there IS a cosmic war and we are the battlefield. We bump into this warfare every day. Sadly, so many don’t recognize this or know how to combat it. This podcast exposes what warfare is and will help you learn to battle against it. It’s time to fight! See you next week! Stay healthy and hopeful!


Episode #8

Join Charlotte and life coach, Julie Miles as they discuss the benefits of life coaching – What is it? Do I need it?

Julie spent 28 years running a successful company with her husband while parenting her growing sons. She then found herself navigating a divorce and a completely new chapter of life.

After a few years of searching for direction, at the encouragement of longtime friend and Lead Self Lead Others founder, Dr. Nathan Baxter, Julie completed the leadership coaching process as a client. The experience was life-changing, and Julie discovered her passion and gifts for coaching others. Tune in to hear Julie share her journey and expertise in the exciting process of self-assessment and growth. She partners with women and people of all ages and backgrounds from around the globe, helping them:


Episode #7

Listen in as Charlotte and her accountability partner and close friend, Linda Pulver, discuss what accountability means in the empty nesting years. Linda and Charlotte have been accountability partners for several years and have experienced many of life’s ups and downs together. Having a confidential, safe, and trusting person to “do life with” has many blessings. Sharing honestly, asking hard questions, and making helpful observations has kept them authentic and living their best lives now. In 2017, Linda founded Hope is Oxygen, a non-profit that offers hope restoration to countless people, including suicide prevention and postvention. Linda also is a top producing realtor, a wife, mom, grandmother, and was the director of children’s ministry at a local celebrate recovery. To reach Linda, visit www.hopeisoxygen.org. Click here to learn more about Charlotte and how to reach her. Please write a review and share your ideas about what you’d like to hear on the podcast. She’d love to hear from you! Stay healthy and hopeful!


Episode #6

Shirley Staires is 84 years young. She’s a mentor to countless women, author of several Christian books, and founded Shepherd’s Fold Ranch. Join Shirley and Charlotte as they discuss the importance of developing a personal mission statement during the empty nesting years. Knowing whose and who you are during these special encore years is life-changing and life-giving. Visit Amazon for Shirley’s books. Click here to learn more about Charlotte and how to reach her. Please write a review and share your ideas about what you’d like to hear on the podcast. She’d love to hear from you! Stay healthy and hopeful!


Episode #5

Welcome back, Sydney Black! Individual, marital & family licensed therapist, Sydney discusses parenting adult children during the encore years. Parental roles are ever-changing during the empty nest years. As parents step to the sidelines, our roles can become more advisory and challenging. Charlotte and Sydney talk about letting go intellectually and emotionally and how to lean in when needed as our relationships with our adult children evolve. Sydney also shares some tips and tools for the holidays and the importance of navigating change while preserving relationships. Sydney is located at 7151 So. Braden in Tulsa. She can be reached at (918) 499-0300 for in-person or virtual appointments. Click here to learn more about Charlotte and how to reach her. Please write a review and share your ideas about what you’d like to hear on the podcast. She’d love to hear from you! Stay healthy and hopeful!


Episode #4

How do men and women process the empty nesting years? “Often VERY differently,” according to licensed marriage and family therapists, Brent and Janis Sharpe. In their book, The Making of a Marriage, they share about the formation of a healthy and thriving marriage. The same principles are needed as men and women navigate this new phase of life. Join Brent and Janis, Charlotte, and her husband, Gordy, share about common male and female responses to the encore years. The empty nest can be fulfilling and freeing as a couple seeks to understand the unique ways each is coping. For virtual or in-person counseling with Brent and/or Janis you may reach them at 918-496-9588 or info@lifconnectioncounseling.com. Their office is located at 7145 So. Braden in Tulsa. Click here to learn more about Charlotte and how to reach her. Please write a review and share your ideas about what you’d like to hear on the podcast. She’d love to hear from you! Stay healthy and hopeful!


Episode #3

Personal trainer and health coach, Jana Love offers inspiration and insight regarding our health and wellness during the empty nest years. Charlotte & Jana discuss what is unique about self-care during this phase of life.

More about Jana:

  • Certified Whole Food Plant-Based Health Coach
  • Married to husband Rich for 30 years
  • Mom to two adult sons.
  • BSF Leader for 5 years
  • Youth Mentor
  • Women’s Ministry Deacon
  • Jana Love, M.S. Exercise Physiologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Mat Pilates|SPIN|Bender Barre
  • Certified Whole Food Plant-Based Health Coach
  • Inspire.Motivate.Encourage
  • LoveWorks Fitness & Wellness | The Farm
  • janarlove@me.com

Click here for more about Charlotte and to reach her regarding this podcast.


Episode #2

Enjoy listening to Laura Dennis, a blogger, speaker, and creator of Almostemptynest.net. She started Almost Empty Nest on a whim after her oldest child left for college. Through her blog and News from the Nest newsletter she inspires, uplifts, and empowers women who are transitioning from a full nest to an empty nest so that they are able to let go, find their way, and celebrate their empty nest.

Charlotte & Laura discuss common feelings of empty nesters. There are many things we need to let go of and things to hang on to.

They also discuss unmet expectations, bad habits & favorite resources Laura has found to be beneficial.

Laura also provides resources for college preparation and helping parents have a positive relationship with their adult children.

She has been married to her college sweetheart Brent for 29 years. Together they have successfully launched three children into the world. They are active members of the Park Church of Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Reach Laura at www.almostemptynest.net

Click here for more about Charlotte and to reach her regarding this podcast.


Episode #1

Individual, marital & family licensed therapist, Sydney Black discusses common empty nest emotions.

People process the empty nest differently and all emotions are real, unique and vary.

Sydney encourages listeners to reconnect with themselves and offers tips about how to navigate relationships during this phase with family, friends, aging parents & others.

The empty nest years can be the best years for rediscovering & reinventing yourself, finding new roles and purposes and investing in meaningful people and passions.

Sydney is located at: 7151 So. Braden in Tulsa.

She can be reached at: (918) 499-0300 for in person or virtual appointments.

Click here for more about Charlotte and to reach her regarding this podcast.