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Episode #39 How to Handle Mother-Daughter Relationship Struggles (Dr. Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel)

Empty Nest Guests: Episode #39 How To Handle Mother-Daughter Relationship Struggles (Dr. Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel) on Apple Podcasts


As we get closer to Mother’s Day, this podcast is super insightful.

Tune in to hear:

Are You Struggling with A Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship?

Join Charlotte as she visits with Dr. Helen McIntosh and Daughter Blythe Daniel,authors of Mended – Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters.

(This wonderful book is endorsed by Lysa TerKeust, Stasi Eldredge and other best-selling authors.)

Relationships between mothers and daughters can be messy and hurtful.

In their book, Helen and Blythe share how they’ve built, guarded and renewed

a relationship centered around respecting and listening first…then talking.

In this podcast, Charlotte, Helen and Blythe will walk you through the steps to restoring

what’s between you and include conversation starters that are welcoming. They also share.

how to experience freedom when you aren’t able to mend or reconcile.

Listen in and learn how to:

*Choose the relationship above your difference of opinion

*Focus on not changing or controlling the other person

*Recognize and remove behaviors that have carried over from generations

* Confront hurts today – not digging through the mess of yesterday

* Cope when reconciliation is not possible

* Experience healing when your mother or daughter is no longer in your life and more.

For more information about Mended – Restoring the Hearts of Mothers & Daughters

To buy the book go to: www.ourmendedhearts.com

To reach Charlotte:       https://charlotteguest.com

Also, listeners, this dynamic duo also has written a wonderful gift book: I Love You Mom!

It’s a wonderful gift for mom for Mother’s Day or any day.